Brookings Data Now: 63,000 U.S. Bridges Structurally Deficient

In this edition of Brookings Data Now: billions lack access to electricity; tens of thousands of deficient U.S. bridges; millions of Americans work in infrastructure jobs; more black than white kids born into poorer families.


Number of bridges in America that are structurally deficient

There are also 240,000 water main breaks annually.

1.3 billion

Number of people globally who lack any access to electricity

 2.8 billion people rely on “traditional biomass fuels” for heating and cooking.

14.2 million

Number of Americans who work in infrastructure jobs

This accounts for 11 percent of national employment.


Percentage of white kids born into a family with income > 250% of the federal poverty line

For black kids, 14 percent are born into a family with income 2.5 times the federal poverty line.