Brookings Data Now: 1,688 U.S. Nuclear Warheads, 122 Billion Barrels of African Oil, and More

In this edition of Brookings Data Now: deployed U.S. strategic nuclear warheads; African oil reserves; short-term Treasury bond interest rates; Midwest’s share of automotive employment; charter schools in New York City.


Number of deployed U.S. strategic nuclear warheads

These are deployed on 809 missiles and bombers. Russia has 1,400 deployed strategic warheads on 473 deployed missiles and bombers. The devices are counted under the New START treaty.

122 billion

Number of proven barrels of oil reserves in Africa

African Development Bank President Donald Kaberuka noted this figure while also stating that Africa has 500 trillion cubic feet of gas reserves.


Jump in short-term Treasury interest rates over last two weeks

Since the start of the government shutdown and as a crucial milestone in the debt default draws closer, short-term rates on Treasury bonds have increased.


The Midwest’s share of North American automotive employment

Its high was nearly 43 percent in 1996; Mexico’s share of North American automotive employment is now over 39 percent and growing rapidly.


Charter schools in New York City in the last academic year

There were 22 charter schools in NYC in 2003-04.