Announcing the Brookings India IMPACT Series


Content from the Brookings Institution India Center is now archived. After seven years of an impactful partnership, as of September 11, 2020, Brookings India is now the Centre for Social and Economic Progress, an independent public policy institution based in India.

Brookings India’s fundamental objective is to contribute meaningfully to the process of designing solutions for India’s policy problems. We aspire to do this in a way which fully reflects the core values of analytical quality and independence of views. We believe that policy recommendations based on these two attributes are most likely to have a positive impact on outcomes.

Since we began our activities in 2013, we have been active in three broad domains: Economic Development, Foreign Policy, and Energy & Environment. We have initiated research on several issues within these domains and, simultaneously, organized a regular series of conversations between various stakeholders, who bring their particular perspective to the discussions in a constructive way. These activities have helped us to understand the nature of specific problems in each domain, gauge the priority of the problem in terms of India’s broad development and security agenda and develop a network of people who think deeply about these issues.

With the NDA government beginning to concretize its policy priorities and the methods and institutions with which it intends to address these critical issues, we at Brookings India see this as an opportunity to contribute to the policy thinking across a range of issues. The Brookings India IMPACT Series represents our efforts to do this. In a series of policy papers that will be published and disseminated over the next three months, the authors will offer concrete recommendations for action on a variety of policy issues, emerging from succinct problem statements and diagnoses. We believe that these papers will both add value to process of policy formulation and to the broader public debate amongst stakeholders, as opinion converges on practical and effective solutions.

Given Brookings India’s current research focus, we are classifying the papers into three categories: Development and Governance; Foreign Policy; and Energy and Environment. Many of the papers are written by Brookings India researchers, but, in keeping with our objective of developing and sustaining a collaborative network, we have invited a few experts from outside the institution to contribute to the series as well.  In the area of development and governance, the series will address issues such as poverty, financial inclusion, education, women’s empowerment, infrastructure, and food security. The area of foreign policy will focus on countries, regions, and issues, including maritime security, the nuclear order, multilateral cyber-crime, and relations with the United States, China, and South-East Asia. Finally, essays in the area of energy and environment will cover oil and gas, coal, electricity, nuclear, wind, and solar power, and energy security and governance.

We look forward to active engagement with readers on the diagnoses and recommendations that these papers offer. Feedback can be sent directly to the authors.