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The BEE Philosophy

Leading Thinking®

At BEE we believe leadership development needs to start with a clear articulation of your philosophy for leading a full and complete life. If competencies do not relate back to who you are and what matters to you, they will not take hold nor are they authentic. Having established this platform, you need to identify your core values as a leader. These values connect you to your foundation and serve as the basis of your mindset and its appropriate activation based on circumstances. This latter element of Leading Thinking® requires the practice of mindfulness to activate the appropriate mindset for any given situation. These first three conditions for exceptional leadership form the curriculum of BEE’s residential program, Daring to Lead.

Competency development should rest upon this foundation. BEE’s approach to competency development extends beyond behavioral response to provide you with new thinking, tools, and processes that support essential competencies. In doing so, the Leading Thinking framework provides a mechanism to integrate all of the Office of Personnel Management’s  Executive Core Qualifications, thereby creating exceptional leadership.

“As a result of the thinking, processes, and behaviors I learned at BEE, I’ve become the ‘go-to’ person in my organization to help solve intractable problems.” – BEE Course Participant

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