WashU at Brookings believes leadership development begins when you embrace a service-oriented, purpose-driven life.

You are defined by your belief in strong democratic institutions and ideals. Your dedication to making a positive difference for society. Your desire to deliver results for the American people. Your optimism about government as a whole. And your commitment to building empathy and integrity in yourself and your team.

Curriculum is competency- and research-based. U.S. Office of Personnel Management Executive Core Qualifications prepare you for the Senior Executive Service or a senior-level position at your agency or organization. They also help you identify new opportunities and implement big ideas.

As a result, the executive education provided by WashU at Brookings transforms government one leader at a time.

“Brookings Executive Education develops leaders of competence and character who are equipped to make a positive and principled difference in their organizations, their communities and society at large.”