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About the Center for Universal Education

Founded in 2002, the Center for Universal Education (CUE) is one of the leading policy centers focused on universal quality education around the developing world. We develop and disseminate effective solutions for quality education and skills development. We envision a world where all people have the skills they need to succeed in their lives and livelihoods. The Center plays a critical role in informing the development of policy related to global education and promotes actionable strategies for governments, civil society and private enterprise.

Our work focuses on:

  • Conducting innovative research and generating real solutions to achieve quality learning for all
  • Informing policymakers and thought-leaders on educational challenges around the world
  • Shaping the policy debate by elevating global education priorities on the international agenda

The Center for Universal Education is engaged in four broad areas:

Improving Learning and Skills

CUE focuses on helping the global education community approach the Sustainable Development Goals with relevant tools to advance quality learning for all. CUE examines ways in which enabling skills beyond literacy and numeracy can be developed, and how these might be assessed to promote further learning. CUE engages with both formal and informal educational environments to understand how they can equip the youth of today to deal with the changing demands of the global economy.

Addressing Inequality

CUE develops new ideas and approaches for the most marginalized to have quality learning opportunities, with a particular focus on poor girls and children affected by violence and armed conflict, through generating new evidence, strategic collaboration and policy engagement at national, regional, and global levels.  

Achieving Learning at Scale

CUE seeks to educate key education decisionmakers on where and how improvements in learning have been achieved at scale, develop new evidence around the scaling process, and share the innovations and strategies found most effective in expanding quality learning opportunities for children and youth, particularly those who have traditionally been left out.

Supporting Effective and Equitable Education Financing

CUE conducts research on how governments can make better use of existing financial resources and improve education outcomes, provides tools to improve transparency and accountability of education resources, and expands the evidence on innovative financing models.

Our Team

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