Founded in 2002, the Center for Universal Education (CUE) is a leading policy center focused on universal quality education and skills development around the world. The center plays a critical role in accelerating education change so that all learners can thrive in a rapidly changing world. CUE helps inform the development of policy related to global education and promotes actionable strategies for governments, civil society, and private enterprise.

Our work focuses on:

  • Conducting innovative research and developing tools or frameworks to achieve quality learning for all
  • Strengthening global education systems’ capacity through conducting workshops, developing networks, and providing on the ground technical support and advice
  • Shaping the policy debate by elevating global education priorities on the international agenda and hosting convenings to incubate ideas

The Center for Universal Education is engaged in four broad areas:

Promoting innovation to accelerate learning

To address global education inequality, CUE is looking at the potential of education innovations to rapidly accelerate, or “leapfrog,” progress in education. This includes but is not limited to exploring innovations in teacher pedagogy and practice, engaging parents and caregivers, realizing the promise of education technology, and expanding learning opportunities through playful landscapes.

Ensuring no one is left behind

Throughout all of CUE’s work, there is a specific focus on the most marginalized children. CUE has a large portfolio of work focused on girls’ education, including the Echidna Global Scholars Program and research on girls’ education and life skills, especially in relation to climate change.

Scaling to achieve systems transformation

CUE seeks to educate key education decisionmakers on where and how improvements in learning have been achieved at scale. CUE’s Real-time Scaling Labs generate more evidence and practical recommendations around the process of scaling in education in collaboration with local institutions and governments. The center also explores new financial instruments and the potential for innovative technology solutions to support data-informed decisionmaking and performance management.

Preparing individuals for a rapidly changing world

CUE seeks to ensure all children have high-quality learning opportunities that build a breadth of skills in the face of changing social, technological, and economic demands. This includes building on the learning sciences to support education systems in providing 21st century skills and expanding computer science education.

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