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NOW OPEN: Submit your big idea for a future 17 Rooms annual flagship process!

The 17 Rooms annual global flagship brings together leading experts and practitioners to tackle international-scale challenges and priorities embedded within the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). As a highly curated undertaking, the annual flagship process has so far formed the “tip of the arrow” in driving the evolution of 17 Rooms methodologies. Each Room focuses on a specific slice of their respective SDG that is ripe for action over a 12–18-month time horizon. The secretariat then works across all Rooms to identify opportunities for cross-Room collaboration and exchange based on insights and actions bubbling up from each Room’s efforts. Actions emerging from the flagship process have varied from accelerants for emerging policy initiatives to sparking fresh alliances that cooperate on communications, advocacy, research, or implementation efforts.

The 2021 iteration of the 17 Rooms flagship builds on a few years of experimentation.   The first session in September 2018 struck a chord of enthusiasm among participants through the unencumbered and urgent hackathon-type spirit of action across all 17 working groups. In 2019, the second annual flagship gathering in New York included more deliberate Room-by-Room preparations and a semi-structured exchange of insights between Rooms, leading to a public report of recommended priorities for the following year.

In 2020, 17 Rooms went fully virtual (“17 Zooms”) amid the COVID-19 pandemic, bringing more than 200 participants together online. Each Room published a short Room document that summarized its actionable priorities, and the secretariat published an insights report, “Great Transitions: Doubling Down on the Sustainable Development Goals.” The transitions describe four trends—for justice, nature, technology, and the next generation—that arose from the flagship deliberations and require augmented effort for the SDGs to succeed.

In 2021, 17 Rooms is continuing to develop new methods for advancing the efficiency and impact of the flagship process. As a special crosscutting priority, all Rooms in this year’s flagship are also being asked to identify how their actionable priorities can help drive gains for women and girls.

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