Donor Profile - Microsoft

With some 99,000 employees in over 100 countries, Microsoft has a keen interest in improving economic security and opportunity for workers as part of its dedication to helping people and businesses throughout the world realize their full potential. Brookings experts are advancing these same goals through research, analysis, and policy recommendations, so Microsoft joined a prestigious group of like-minded companies that recognize the value of participating in substantive exchanges with experts across the Institution.

Fred Humphries, Vice President of U.S. Government Affairs for Microsoft

Fred Humphries, Vice President of U.S. Government Affairs for Microsoft, addresses a YouthSpark event in Washington, DC that featured Fellow Martha Ross of the Metropolitan Policy Program

Microsoft began supporting Brookings in 1995 and has broadened and deepened its engagement with the Institution in the 19 years since, contributing both financial resources and in-kind gifts. Brookings scholars and staff benefit from the mission-critical software tools Microsoft provides, which facilitate the work of the entire Institution. Because this software is donated, Brookings is able to dedicate more financial resources to pursuing its primary mission.

The company is deeply engaged with all five of Brookings’s research programs, including participating in the Metropolitan Leadership Council and the Foreign Policy and Governance Studies Program Leadership Committees. “Brookings scholars deliver critical analysis on policy issues that is important to Microsoft,” said­­­ Fred Humphries, Vice President of U.S. Government Affairs. “Brookings experts are working on a range of issues that matter to our company, from furthering STEM education to immigration reform to the future of tech-enabled cities. Getting involved with Brookings has given us access to innovative thinking on the most important questions facing us.”

“Working with Microsoft has been tremendously beneficial,” said Brookings President Strobe Talbott. “Their financial and in-kind gifts provide us with essential resources and tools for doing our work. But even more important has been the involvement of Microsoft executives in our research programs. They’ve been a terrific source of strategic ideas that help inform our research and, as a major company at the leading edge of technology and innovation, they have great insight into the forces that will shape how we live in the future.”