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A NBN Co worker arranges fibre-optic cables used in the National Broadband Network in west Sydney July 11, 2013. The future of an ambitious project to connect almost all Australia's far-flung inhabitants to high-speed internet, the largest infrastructure enterprise in the country's history, is hanging on the outcome of an upcoming federal election. The Labor government and conservative Liberal-led opposition have vastly differing plans for the A$37.4 billion ($34.2 billion) National Broadband Network (NBN), potentially hurting some business stakeholders and opening the door to others, including China's Huawei Technologies Co Ltd. Picture taken on July 11, 2013.

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Closing the broadband access gap in American cities

December 11, 2015, Jack Karsten and Adie Tomer

On December 10, the Brookings Institution hosted an event at the titled “Broadband opportunity: boosting uptake in America’s cities and metropolitan areas”. High-speed Internet is already a major part of daily life in the U.S., but bringing broadband within reach of the 25 percent of households without access remains a challenge.

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