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Time for Measured Optimism on Africa

Over the past decade, sub-Saharan African economies have grown 5 percent a year, and the region’s economy should double by 2030. Yet this growth is not enough to spread needed development and progress throughout the region. Amadou Sy, a senior fellow with the Africa Growth Initiative at Brookings, talks about the role of foreign direct investment, priorities for African policymakers, and the prospect for conflict resolution in the most troubled areas.


Show notes:

• Four Instruments to Strengthen Financial Integration in Sub-Saharan Africa
Shifts in Financing Sustainable Development: How Should Africa Adapt in 2014 (pdf)
• Six Questions on the Crisis in the Central African Republic
Event on Peace and Stability in the Central African Republic
• Africa in China's Foreign Policy
Africa in Focus (blog)

The images below, covers of The Economist magazine, were used in a presentation by Amadou Sy to illustrate the "Africa Rising" narrative.

May 2000 December 2011 March 2013
"The hopeless continent," The Economist cover, May 2000 "Africa Rising," The Economist cover, December 2011 "Aspiring Africa," The Economist cover, March 2013

This image, from the same presentation mentioned above, shows multiple memberships and varied priorities of African nations.

SERIES: Brookings Cafeteria Podcast | Number 21