Jul 17

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Education Technology, Distance Learning & the Innovative American Classroom

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Education technology tools offer students improved access to resources, digital materials and a dynamic, personalized learning experience. Distance learning connects geographically-disadvantaged students with instructors, fellow classmates, course offerings, and educational experiences not accessible in their nearby brick-and-mortar schools.

On July 17, the Center for Technology Innovation at Brookings hosted a forum on the growing use and influence of distance learning in transforming American education. A panel of experts discussed the challenges and positive outcomes of integrating education technologies and distance learning techniques into academic instruction, as well as how these tools are transforming the definition of the American classroom.

Event Agenda

  • Introduction

  • Featured Speaker

    • The Honorable Mark Begich (D-Alaska)

      U.S. Senate

  • Panelists

    • Moderator

      Michelle R. Davis

      Senior Writer

      Education Week/Digital Directions

    • The Honorable Eric D. Fingerhut

      Vice President, Education and STEM Learning


    • James Werle


      Internet2 K20 Initiative


July 17, 2012

10:15 AM - 11:30 AM EDT

Brookings Institution

Falk Auditorium

1775 Massachusetts Avenue, N.W.


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