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Landing gear final inspector Ruben Henao, a U.S. Army veteran who has worked at AAR Landing Gear Services for seven years, performs a final inspection on a piece of landing gear at AAR's facility in Medley, Florida February 2, 2012.

Infrastructure skills: Knowledge, tools, and training to increase opportunity


This report expands on previous analyses to describe the skills needed to fill infrastructure occupations nationally. More than 14.5 million workers—or 11 percent of the entire U.S. workforce—are employed in infrastructure-related activities, many of which operate different physical assets and extend far beyond construction projects. In turn, a wide variety of knowledge, tools and technologies, and education and training is often required in these occupations. Ultimately, since millions of workers in infrastructure occupations earn competitive wages and need to be replaced over the next decade, they represent a crucial segment of the workforce when it comes to expanding economic opportunity and require targeted workforce development strategies from public, private, and civic leaders across the country.


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