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A woman holds a protest sign for net neutrality. New FCC rule making could affect internet freedom.

Net neutrality: The war is over

Stuart N. Brotman, a nonresident senior fellow in the Center for Technology Innovation, provides a brief history of net neutrality and addresses the future of the FCC’s telecommunications rule-making under Title II.

Also in this episode: Molly Reynolds, a fellow in Governance Studies, gives an update on the budget process in our regular “What’s Happening in Congress Segment”.

Show Notes:

Net neutrality 2.0: Perspectives on FCC regulation of internet service providers

Sending a strong signal on global internet freedom

Creating an economics-sensitive zone at the FCC

What’s next for global internet freedom under the Trump administration?

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Stuart N. Brotman

Howard Distinguished Endowed Professor of Media Management and Law and Beaman Professor of Communication - University of Tennessee, Knoxville

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