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Labour party candidate Stav Shaffir (C) stands with supporters during a mock election at a high school in Ramat Gan near Tel Aviv December 6, 2012. The leaders of a grassroots social protest movement that swept Israel in 2011, one of them Shaffir, have shot to the top of a rejuvenated Labour party that polls say will at least double its power in a Jan. 22 general election that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's right-wing Likud is forecast to win. Picture taken December 6, 2012

An Israeli Knesset member’s perspective on activism and politics

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For the last Intersections episode of the year, we’re releasing a short conversation with Stav Shaffir, the youngest female member of the Knesset, and Brookings Senior Fellow Tamara Wittes, held between sessions at the 2017 Saban Forum. Shaffir discussed her transition from leading protest movements to joining the Labor Party and winning election to Israel’s parliament, fighting cynicism in politics, and changing political systems.

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With thanks to audio producers Gaston Reboredo and Mark Hoelscher, engineer Pamela Berman, Anna Newby, and Fred Dews for additional support.

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