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Swami Sivasubramanian

Vice President for Data and Machine Learning Services – Amazon Web Services

Swami Sivasubramanian is Vice President for Data and Machine Learning Services at Amazon Web Services. His team’s mission is to put the power of databases, analytics, and machine learning capabilities in the hands of every business, including developers, data scientists, and business users. Swami and his team innovate across multiple areas, from databases (e.g. Amazon RDS, Aurora to NoSQL databases like DynamoDB, ElastiCache, MemoryDB and Neptune), to analytics (e.g. Redshift, EMR, Athena, QuickSight, Lakeformation, Glue, OpenSearch), to machine (e.g., frameworks and infrastructure, Amazon SageMaker) and AI services (e.g. Transcribe, Translate, Textract, Rekognition, Personalize). His team also works to deliver needle-moving capabilities in data and ML for specific verticals, use cases, and initiatives like Health AI (e.g. HealthLake, Comprehend Medical, Transcribe Medical), Industrial (e.g. Lookout for Equipment, Lookout for Metrics, Lookout for Vision, Panorama), Contact Center AI(e.g., Contact Lens with Amazon Connect), Financial services (e.g. FinSpace, Amazon Managed Blockchain), and Enterprise Search (Kendra). Previously, Swami managed AWS’s NoSQL and big data services. He managed the engineering, product management and operations for AWS database services that are the foundational building blocks for AWS. Swami has been awarded more than 250 patents, has authored 40 referred scientific papers and journals and participates in several academic circles and conferences.

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