Noreen Sugrue
Guest Author

Noreen M. Sugrue

Vice President of Research – Latino Policy Forum

Noreen M. Sugrue is currently the Vice President of Research at the Latino Policy Forum. Prior to joining the Latino Policy Forum, she was a professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.


Sugrue is the author or co-author of several articles and book chapters. Her international and domestic research focus is on issues related to immigration, immigrants, gender, health care, and the workforce. The concerns at the center of Sugrue’s work are inequity, inequality, and distributive justice. In addition, she analyzes and evaluates the construction and implementation of social policies as a means of both addressing and redressing inequities.


She works with national and international organizations as well as governmental and non-governmental organizations. Her research has been funded by a variety of groups including the National Institutes of Health and The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. She has provided testimony to federal, state, and city deliberative bodies and publishes in both academic and popular press venues.


She currently serves on the State of Illinois Data Equity Advisory Committee, The City of Chicago Racial Equity Rapid Response Data Team, and The Illinois Department of Public Health’s Data Advisory Committee.

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