Nasrin Siddiqa
Guest Author

Nasrin Siddiqa

Executive Director – Education & Cultural Society, Bangladesh, 2019 Echidna Global Scholar – The Brookings Institution

Nasrin Siddiqa has been working for 23 years as an educationalist and development practitioner to promote gender equity, women empowerment, quality education, community development, environmental issues, and peacebuilding. In 2010, Nasrin founded the NGO Education & Cultural Society (ECS) and currently serves as its president and executive director. She worked with the World Bank as the Consultant of Education Global Practice. Nasrin is a state alumna and Echidna Global Scholar of the Brookings Institution.​ She is the recipient of the ‘Alumni Excellence Award’ from the US Department of State and the “Award of Exceptional Leader of Excellence” for working with girls’ STEM education from the Women Economic Forum (WEF), 2021.

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