Katy Collin, Post-Doctoral Fellow, Foreign Policy, The Brookings Institution
Guest Author

Katy Collin

Former Brookings Expert

Katy Collin was a post-doctoral research fellow in the Foreign Policy program. Her work is on post-war stabilization, peacebuilding, and democratization, in particular the role of elections in post-conflict transitions. Her research explores the use of referendums in peace processes. Collin also has a background in post-conflict election advising and administration. She worked for the United Nations on elections for Kosovo, Afghanistan, Iraq, Nepal, South Sudan, and Libya. She has conducted research in Afghanistan, Cyprus, East Timor, Indonesia, Romania, and South Sudan. Collin received her bachelor’s from the University of California, Berkeley in history and peace and conflict studies; her master’s in international policy from the Middlebury Institute of International Studies in Monterey; and her doctorate in international relations from American University’s School of International Service.

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