Guest Author

Jake Hirsch-Allen

North America Workforce Development and Higher Ed System Lead – LinkedIn

Jake Hirsch-Allen builds public-private partnerships between North America’s governments, workforce development organizations, colleges and universities, and LinkedIn Talent Solutions. Jake advises an impact investing firm, a large US foundation, Avalanche VC, the US CCSSO and several startups. He speaks regularly on the changing nature of work and learning and is passionate about immigration, interoperability, open and user-owned data, skills-based-hiring and -learning, human technology and AI governance.

Jake is a Director on the Boards of the Ontario Tech Talent and the Canadian Club. He founded Lighthouse Labs, Canada’s foremost software bootcamp and Hacking Health. A former intellectual property and international criminal lawyer, Jake was also Chair of the Technology Committee of the Global Education Platform, taught Global Health at McMaster University and clerked at the Supreme Court of Israel.

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