Guest Author

Ayan Kishore

CEO – Benetech

Ayan Kishore is an experienced social entrepreneur and leader in technology for social impact and international development. He has a successful record in building and growing tech organizations that have helped millions globally– particularly minorities and the disadvantaged –to learn and secure jobs. As CEO, Kishore is tasked with unlocking opportunities for large-scale systems change and driving innovation through technology to transform how students, jobseekers, and older adults across the globe read, learn, and work through inclusive and equitable access to information. Prior to joining Benetech, Kishore founded and directed a digital social innovation lab at Creative Associates International focused on global literacy and peacebuilding. He served as EVP, Operations and Technology, and helped lead the IPO at Professional Diversity Network (PDN), an organization focused on increasing diversity and inclusion in the American workforce. He also founded and served as CEO for CareerImp, providing career improvement tools for jobseekers and college students to understand and overcome algorithmic biases in recruiting. Since 2008, Kishore has served as the Chairman of the Board for Development Solutions Organization, a volunteer program for top-tier college students and private sector professionals to provide pro bono consulting to racial justice and international development nonprofits. Kishore received a BSS in Computer Engineering from Georgia Tech and an MS in Human-Computer Interaction from Carnegie Mellon University.

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