Amy Kardell
Guest Author

Amy Kardell

Dean of the College of Strategic Intelligence – National Intelligence University

Dr. Kardell became the Dean of the College of Strategic Intelligence, at the National Intelligence University in January 2021. Before becoming the Dean, she served as the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Chair and Homeland Intelligence Program Director at the NIUPrior to NIU, Dr. Kardell worked in the Office of Intelligence and Analysis, DHS focusing on Information Sharing,  Intelligence Enterprise Governance, and Intelligence Enterprise Strategic Planning. She has served as the Program Mission Manager for the Homeland, National Intelligence Manager Western Hemisphere, ODNI and was responsible for developing a pilot Integrated Intelligence Plan for the Homeland.  She served as the Senior Advisor to the Under Secretary where she was responsible for the management of the Homeland Security Intelligence Council (HSIC), and the development of the Homeland Security Intelligence Program-Framework.  Dr. Kardell earned her doctorate in Organizational Sociology at Texas A&M University in 2004. 

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