On Thursday, November 14, 2013, the Global Cities Initiative brought together leaders from the private, public, and philanthropic sectors from Mexico, Canada, and the United States to discuss efforts to boost North American trade, productivity, and competitiveness. The GCI Mexico forum featured political and industry leaders from Mexico, Canada, and the United States in a dialogue on business and policy linkages and advancing their global trading relationships.

Chicago-Mexico City Global Cities Economic Partnership

This agreement, announced at the Global Cities Initiative forum by mayors Rahm Emanuel and Miguel Ángel Mancera, will strengthen the relationship between the two cities and expand job growth and economic opportunities for both by further facilitating trade and investment between shared industries and strengthening other assets, such as research, innovation, and human capital.

See a video of the announcement as well as a discussion with Rahm Emanuel and Miguel Mancera, and click here to read a blog post about the partnership.

Presentation by Bruce Katz

In his presentation, Bruce Katz explained how the world is evolving as a network of trading cities, especially in North America. Click here to view the slides and read the full text of the presentation, or watch it below.

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