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Redefining U.S. national security: interlinkages with American society and foreign policy

President Donald Trump won the 2016 election largely by carrying Rust Belt states and doing especially well with a demographic skeptical of America’s role in the world regarding trade, investment, diplomacy, alliances, and immigration policy. His election has had consequences for U.S. foreign policy, from reducing foreign aid and pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord, to imposing highly restrictive immigration policies and questioning numerous alliances.

Yet, U.S. foreign policy remains in flux as President Trump’s approach evolves, with the 2018 midterm elections demonstrating that many voters are not satisfied with the direction of the country. This situation provides a rich backdrop for debate, now and in the run-up to the 2020 political season, about how to best advance America’s interests at home and abroad.

On April 5, Women of Color Advancing Peace, Security and Conflict Transformation (WCAPS) and the Foreign Policy program at The Brookings Institution will host a discussion on the implications of this complex political environment in which domestic and foreign policy decisions influence each other. The discussion will outline how evidenced-based policy analysis and dialogue can inform a comprehensive U.S. policy.

Questions from the audience will follow.




Panel I

US voting and US foreign policy: Regional focus

This panel will examine the implications of the 2016 election on US regional foreign policies. What are our policies towards these regions today, how have those policies been impacted or changed as a result of the 2016 elections, and how are our foreign policies impacting our domestic policies?


Sylvia Mishra

India-US Fellow in Public Interest Technology - New America

Panel II

US voting and new national security issues

This panel will examine the implications of the 2016 election on international US national security issues, including peace building, global health, cybersecurity, terrorism and extremism.


Liza Arias

Herbert Scoville Jr. Peace Fellow - Center for Strategic & International Studies


Daniel Lucey

Senior Scholar - O'Neill Institute, Georgetown University


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