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Past Event

Women in civic tech: Engaging citizens and technology toward the public good

Past Event

Women are underrepresented in many technological occupations, but have increasingly made inroads into the field of civic technology, a sector of digital technologies, platforms, and services which enable progress toward the public good. Civic tech provides a toolbox for citizens and governments to enhance open government, spur community action, and combat inequality. The growing inclusion of women in this field adds their unique experiences and perspectives to the development of transformative technology solutions, reinforcing the role of greater diversity in the workforce.

On Wednesday, June 27, the Brookings Center for Technology Innovation, along with the Data, Women’s Impact, and Brookings Networks, celebrated the achievements of pioneers in this field, highlighted barriers that women face in the technology and civic sectors, and offered examples of policies that promote diversity.



Jennifer Berlin

Chief of Staff and Advisory Board Member, Women’s Impact Network - The Brookings Institution



Melika Carroll

Senior Vice President of Global Government Affairs - Internet Association

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