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Past Event

What does the future hold for Taiwan?

Past Event

After eight years under President Tsai Ing-wen, the people of Taiwan will elect a new president in January 2024. The new leader will face major choices about Taiwan’s internal situation, cross-Strait relations, and Taiwan’s ties with the United States and other international actors. How Taiwan navigates these issues will inform its future trajectory.

On May 25, the Center for East Asia Policy Studies at the Brookings Institution hosted a public event featuring a conversation with top Taiwan scholars Richard Bush, Bonnie Glaser, Shelley Rigger, and Kharis Templeman, moderated by Brookings Senior Fellow Ryan Hass. The panel examined the future of Taiwan domestic politics, cross-Strait relations, and U.S.-Taiwan relations.

Online viewers submitted questions via e-mail to and via Twitter at #TaiwanFuture.

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Opening remarks

Panel discussion

Shelley Rigger

Brown Professor and Assistant Dean for Educational Policy - Political Science Department, Davidson College

Kharis Templeman

Research Fellow & Project Manager, Project on Taiwan in the Indo-Pacific Region - Hoover Institution, Stanford University

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