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Webinar: What role will the Army play in great power competition after COVID-19?

Past Event

Two years after the National Defense Strategy was published, it’s time to take stock of where the Army stands. On an immediate level, the age of COVID-19 presents the Army with an unprecedented set of challenges. From ensuring high levels of readiness to keeping up recruitment, the pandemic has forced the Army to adapt quickly to carry out its mission. But even as the crisis rages on, the Army must think about challenges that will outlast this one, such as readiness on the Korean Peninsula and in Eastern Europe, as well as meeting objectives for modernization and ensuring the health of the all-volunteer force.

On April 30, Senior Fellow Michael O’Hanlon hosted Secretary of the Army Ryan McCarthy and Chief of Staff of the Army General James McConville for a conversation on the Army in the era of COVID-19, the challenges it will face after the pandemic recedes, and how it plans to fight the wars of the future.


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