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Webinar: The mental health and other needs of America’s veterans

Past Event

American veterans experience disproportionately high rates of trauma and mental illness after their military service. This challenge serves as a barrier to many veterans’ reentry into civilian society. Like with other health problems that are often unseen, addressing mental illness begins with lowering the societal and personal stigma sometimes associated with asking for help. A range of nongovernmental, private-sector, and government partners — including organizations like the Wounded Warrior Project — play a key role in building links between America’s veterans and the mental health resources they need. Much can still be done by policymakers and private-sector partners to ensure that America’s veterans can identify and access resources to address mental health challenges.

On June 15, the Foreign Policy program at Brookings hosted a conversation on the mental health challenges facing America’s veterans and the public policy tools needed to bring them the care they need and deserve.

Viewers can submit questions via email to or on Twitter using #VeteranMentalHealth.



Michael Richardson

Vice President, Independence Services and Mental Health - Wounded Warrior Project


Brian Dempsey

Director, Government Relations - Wounded Warrior Project

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