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Tools to Improve the Quality of Public Expenditures and the Role of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in the Process

Over the past 30 years, the World Bank and IMF have developed a variety of tools to analyze public spending policies. With the development in low- and middle-income countries of democratic institutions and civil society organizations like think tanks and advocacy groups, we may soon be at a tipping point at which use of these tools along with domestic advocacy pushes countries to stronger reform agendas.

On June 19, the Transparency and Accountability Project (TAP) hosted a forum that brings these elements together. The forum begin with an overview of public expenditure issues and tools; with presentations by organizations of new work TAP has supported; and concluded with lessons and observations on how governments, donors and CSOs could work together to improve the quality of public spending. The forum included five panel discussions led by experts in this field. Thirteen civil society organizations doing this kind of analytical and advocacy work were be represented on the program and in the audience.

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Vinod Vyasulu

Founder and Director, Center for Budget and Policy Studies, Bangalore, India



Maureen Lewis

Adviser, Human Development Vice Presidency, World Bank



Bill Dorotinsky

Lead Public Sector Specialist, Eastern Europe and Central Asia, World Bank


Ritva S. Reinikka

Director Social & Economic Development Group, Middle East and Northern Africa Regional Office, World Bank


Mario Cuevas

Director of Research in Finance and Social Development, National Center for Economic Research, Guatemala


Betty Alvarado

Research Associate, Research Center at the University of the Pacific, Peru

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