8:00 am EST - 11:30 am EST

Past Event

The Sun Corridor as Mountain Mega: One of America’s Newest Metropolitan Places and a Federal Partnership to Help It Prosper

Friday, November 21, 2008

8:00 am - 11:30 am EST

Arizona State University
Phoenix Urban Research Laboratory

234 North Central Ave., 8th Floor
Phoenix, Arizona

With a major change of management underway in Washington, now is a good time for the “megapolitan” areas of the Intermountain West to better organize their energies and consider how to amplify their voice in national affairs as federal policy responses are renegotiated.

At a forum in Phoenix, Arizona, Fellow and Policy Director Mark Muro and Nonresident Senior Fellow Rob Lang reviewed the recent Brookings report “Mountain Megas.” This forum encouraged a free-wheeling discussion of ways megapolitan leaders in the West can reorient the federal-state-mega partnership in order to address common challenges and shared opportunities.

Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano and ASU President Michael M. Crow spoke, along with other outstanding state and local megapolitan leaders.

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