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The Second International Policy Workshop on Aid Effectiveness

Wednesday, November 04 - Thursday, November 05, 2009

Thirty-three participants attended the second International Policy Workshop on Aid Effectiveness hosted by the Government of Korea in Seoul, Korea, to discuss the role of emerging development partners in aid effectiveness. The workshop benefited from the prior discussions at the third Seoul ODA conference held on November 4, 2009. The ODA conference also provided an innovative format to disseminate and discuss the aid effectiveness agenda with different statal and non-statal actors including university students, an approach that should be more widely replicated. In addition to multilateral and bilateral agencies and donors, the international policy workshop benefited from the perspectives of non-DAC bilateral aid agencies, think tanks and partner country representatives.

Building on the first workshop that was held in Berlin and was a scoping exercise that highlighted emerging issues of aid and development effectiveness in a world with a greater diversity of development partners and with new development challenges, four topics were selected for discussion during the second workshop: (i) Asian development experiences; (ii) emerging donors; (iii) new approaches; and (iv) partnerships for development. Each of these is significant in terms of developing the agenda for the HLF-4 in Seoul in 2011.

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20091105_aid_effectiveness_kharas_small.jpg   20091105_aid_effectiveness_linn_small.jpg
Homi Kharas, Senior Fellow, Wolfensohn Center for Development,
Brookings Institution
20091105_aid_effectiveness_audience_small.jpg Johannes Linn, Senior Fellow and Director, Wolfensohn Center for Development, Brookings Institution
Audience, Seoul, South Korea    

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