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The Rise of Innovation Districts: A New Geography of Innovation in America

Past Event

The Rise of Innovation Districts: A New Geography of Innovation in America


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The geography of innovation is shifting and a new model for innovative growth is emerging. In contrast to suburban corridors of isolated corporate campuses, innovation districts combine research institutions, innovative firms and business incubators with the benefits of urban living. These districts have the unique potential to spur productive, sustainable, and inclusive economic development.


On June 9, the Metropolitan Policy Program at Brookings released “The Rise of Innovation Districts,” a new report analyzing this trend. The authors of the paper, Brookings Vice President Bruce Katz and Nonresident Senior Fellow Julie Wagner, were joined by leaders from emerging innovation districts across the country to discuss this shift and provide guidance to U.S. metro areas on ways to harness its potential.


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Presentation by Bruce Katz

Event Photos


Bruce Katz, Vice President and Director, Metropolitan Policy Program


Lydia DePillis, John A. Fry, Nicole Fichera, Kofi Bonner, Julie Wagner



The Honorable Andy Berke, Mayor, City of Chattanooga, TN and Bruce Katz


Panel Discussion


Kofi Bonner

Regional Vice President - Lennar Communities

Opening Remarks


Moderated Dialogue

Audience Q&A

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