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Past Event

The future of the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Past Event

Well into its third decade, the military conflict in the Democratic Republic of the Congo has been dubbed a “forever war”— a perpetual cycle of war, civil unrest, and local feuds over power and identity. Millions have died in one of the worst humanitarian calamities of our time.

On March 7, the Africa Security Initiative at Brookings discussed the most recent phase of this conflict, asking why the peace deal of 2003 — accompanied by the largest United Nations peacekeeping mission in the world and tens of billions in international aid — has failed to stop the violence. The event drew from Jason Stearns’ most recent book, “The War That Doesn’t Say Its Name.”

Viewers submitted questions via email to or on Twitter using #DRC.



Jason K. Stearns

Founder and Chair of the Advisory Board - Congo Research Group

Assistant Professor, School for International Studies - Simon Fraser University

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