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The Aftermath of the European Crisis: Where Are We Now?

Past Event

The Aftermath of the European Crisis: Where Are We Now?

As the European Union emerges from the eurozone debt crisis, the residual effects of low growth and high unemployment—particularly in Greece, Italy and Spain—continue to plague member countries. Now, as policymakers in Europe debate banking union and institutional reforms, a key question concerns whether further integration is required and how would it occur.  

On May 1, the Global Economy and Development program at Brookings hosted a discussion on the aftermath of the European crisis with Jean Pisani-Ferry, former director of the Brussels-based think tank Bruegel. He currently serves as commissioner-general for policy planning to the prime minister of France and is a professor with the Hertie School of Governance in Berlin. The conversation was based on Mr. Pisani-Ferry’s forthcoming book, The Euro Crisis and Its Aftermath.



Introduction and Moderator

Featured Speaker


Jean Pisani-Ferry

Commissioner-General for Policy Planning - Policy Planning Commission (CGSP), France



Jörg Decressin

Deputy Director, European Department - International Monetary Fund

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