12:30 pm EST - 2:00 pm EST

Past Event

The 2007 Global Integrity Report: Opportunities and Challenges in the Fight Against Corruption

Thursday, February 07, 2008

12:30 pm - 2:00 pm EST

The Brookings Institution

1775 Massachusetts Ave., NW
Washington, DC

The Transparency and Accountability Project hosted Nathaniel Heller, Managing Director of Global Integrity, to discuss the recent Global Integrity report and its findings. The 2007 Global Integrity report assesses the existence, effectiveness, and citizen access to key national-level anti-corruption mechanisms in 55 diverse countries. It seeks to address key governance issues like the role reformers can play in improving government accountability around the world and what challenges these reformers and anti-corruption initiatives face in their work. The 2007 report also features robust coverage of many G8 countries – revealing surprising similarities between those nations and some of the world’s poorest countries when it comes to governance and corruption challenges.

Nathaniel Heller is the Managing Director of Global Integrity. Before joining Global Integrity, Mr. Heller worked at the State Department, focusing on European security and transatlantic relations and served as a foreign policy fellow to Senator Edward Kennedy.

Listen to the audio of the presentation >>

More about the Transparency and Accountability Toward Better Governance Series
TAP hosts a regular luncheon seminar series, entitled “Toward Better Governance: Strengthening Government Accountability in Low-and Middle-Income Countries,” which is designed to demonstrate the breadth and nuance of the issue of accountability by bringing a diverse group of experts to stimulate a richer and broader debate on promoting better governance.

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