9:30 am EST - 11:00 am EST

Past Event

Tackling global corruption to strengthen democracy and security

Wednesday, December 06, 2023

9:30 am - 11:00 am EST

The Brookings Institution
Falk Auditorium

1775 Massachusetts Ave NW
Washington , DC

As the international community marks the second anniversary of the United States Strategy on Countering Corruption and the 20th anniversary of the UN Convention against Corruption (UNCAC), anti-corruption priorities and strategies around the globe have greatly evolved. To address this mounting challenge, the newly launched Anti-Corruption, Democracy, and Security (ACDS) project in the Governance Studies program at Brookings will tackle the world’s thorniest anti-corruption problems that impact and threaten global democracy and security.  

On December 6, the ACDS project at Brookings hosted an expert discussion that highlighted anti-corruption progress and priorities in the lead up to the tenth session of the Conference of the States Parties (COSP) to the UNCAC and the third Summit for Democracy. The conversation explored ways that civil society, media, private sector, and governments can work together to advance measurable progress to prevent and combat corruption. Audience Q&A followed the discussion.  

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