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Strengthening military readiness: The role of military families in 21st century defense

Past Event

As the nation’s 16th consecutive year of war draws to a close, service members and their families continue to serve in uncertain and challenging times. Less than 0.5 percent of the American public comprise the active duty force; as a result, service members and their families are experiencing an unprecedented period of high operational tempos while familiarity with the military among the broader U.S. society declines. This presents significant challenges for the future of defense.

Effective military support requires a modern understanding of 21st century military families and an increase in civilian-military engagement. It is critical to inform policymakers about the unique challenges faced by modern service members and their families, and the centrality of civilian support, for the health and viability of the all-volunteer force.

On November 16, the Center on 21st Century Security and Intelligence convened a panel of experts to discuss these issues. Following the conversation, participants took audience questions. Learn more by visiting


Anthony Kurta

Former Acting Under Secretary for Personnel and Readiness - U.S. Department of Defense

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