Connecting learning to earning: Lessons from Asia and Africa


Connecting learning to earning: Lessons from Asia and Africa



12:30 pm EDT - 1:30 pm EDT

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Rethinking Immigration Policy in the United States: A Web Chat with Darrell West

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

12:30 pm - 1:30 pm EDT

The Brookings Institution
Online Only

1775 Massachusetts Ave., NW
Washington, DC

Arizona’s new immigration law, aimed at increasing enforcement against illegal immigrants, has helped elevate immigration as a key issue leading up to this fall’s congressional elections. While controversial, the law has garnered some support throughout the country, and other states are considering similar measures.

In his new book, Brain Gain, Brookings expert Darrell West argues for rethinking America’s immigration policies, noting that immigration has long benefited the United States, with individuals from all over the world contributing advances in fields ranging from engineering and energy to sports, arts and culture. With this in mind, West recommends a series of immigration reforms to enhance the country’s long-term economic prosperity, innovation and competitiveness.

On Wednesday, July 7, West answered your questions on immigration reform in the United States in a live web chat moderated by Seung Min Kim, assistant editor at POLITICO.

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