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Impact bonds in developing countries

Early learnings from the field

On September 18, the Center for Universal Education (CUE) at Brookings, in partnership with Convergence, hosted a launch event in New York City for the report “Impact Bonds in Developing Countries – Early Learnings from the Field.” The report documents the experience of a range of stakeholders developing social and development impact bonds in developing countries, and navigates the opportunities, risks, and challenges faced by practitioners in this nascent field, providing a timely update of the state of play. The report also features a deal book with individual factsheets for around thirty of the impact bonds contracted and in design phases in developing countries.

The first panel explored these early lessons in more depth, drawing on the experience of practitioners to understand the challenges and opportunities around structuring and launching impact bonds in developing countries. The second panel focused on the impact bonds in the field of education, learning from the experience of the pioneering Educate Girls impact bond in India.


Presentation: Impact Bonds in Developing Countries

Panel 1: Early Lessons from Developing Countries

Panel 2: Impact Bonds for Results in Education

Lily Han

Investment Principal - D. Capital Partners

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