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Promoting competition in banking

America has around 4,700 banks, as the industry has experienced significant consolidation for decades. Many of the largest financial institutions are growing even bigger. This year’s high profile bank failures have heightened concerns about banks that are “too big to fail,” while drawing larger questions about what the future of the banking industry will or should look like. New entrants in financial technology add color to this question as society strives for greater financial inclusion while preserving high quality regulatory standards and avoiding instability.

On Tuesday, June 20 at the Brookings Center on Regulation and Markets, Assistant Attorney General Jonathan Kanter will outline his ideas on how to promote competition in banking. After his remarks, an expert panel of legal experts will react and share their thoughts on achieving inclusive prosperity and financial stability. This event is a part of the series on Financial Markets and Regulation, under the Center on Regulation and Markets. Viewers can follow along with the conversation and submit questions on Twitter using the hashtag #AAGKanter or via email to


Welcome and introduction

Keynote and Q&A

Jonathan Kanter

Assistant Attorney General, Antitrust Division - U.S. Department of Justice

Panel discussion

Jonathan Wallen

Assistant Professor of Business Administration - Harvard Business School

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