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Presidential Candidates and the Nominating System

The 2008 presidential primaries were historic, dramatic and, at the same time, baffling to many voters. Who are “super delegates?” And what is the “robot rule,” exactly?

On October 9, the Brookings Institution will host Harvard Public Policy Lecturer Elaine Kamarck for a discussion of her new book, Primary Politics: How Presidential Candidates Have Shaped the Modern Nominating System (Brookings Institution Press, 2009), which explains how the presidential nomination process became the often bewildering system we have today. Brookings Senior Fellow William Galston will moderate a panel discussion with the author, who previously served in the White House under President Bill Clinton; Washington Post political correspondent Dan Balz; and Walter Shapiro, former presidential press secretary, speechwriter and longtime columnist.
This event is part of the Governing Ideas series intended to broaden the discussion of governance issues through forums on timely and relevant books on history, culture, legal norms and practices, values and religion.

After the program, panelists will take audience questions.





Dan Balz

Chief Correspondent - The Washington Post


Walter Shapiro

Political columnist, fellow, and lecturer - Brennan Center for Justice, NYU; Yale University

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