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Past Event

New voices from Afghanistan

Past Event

Nearly 20 years after the U.S. occupation of Afghanistan, many Americans continue to focus on the country’s precarious internal security situation, the prospect of the Taliban’s return to power, and if the international community should play a role there today. Yet, Afghanistan’s challenges often overshadow its many successes — particularly the emergence of a civil society and a new generation of leaders who are invested in their country’s future and eager to see it prosper.

On January 12, Foreign Policy at Brookings, in partnership with the American University of Afghanistan, hosted several leaders in Afghan civil society to discuss the country’s challenges, triumphs, and what they see in store for its future. Questions from the audience followed the discussion.

Viewers submitted questions via email to or on Twitter using #Afghanistan.



Omar Sharifi

Senior Research Fellow and Kabul Director - American Institute of Afghanistan Studies

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