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Past Event

Maximizing the benefits of broadband

Past Event

Maximizing the benefits of broadband

Darrell M. West, Blair Levin, and Tom Wheeler

Broadband is the defining infrastructure of the 21st century, and the impact of high-speed wired and wireless connectivity is just beginning to be realized. The government institution at the forefront of U.S. broadband policy and implementation is the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), helmed by Chairman Tom Wheeler.

On June 26, the Center for Technology Innovation at Brookings and the Metropolitan Policy Program at Brookings hosted FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler, who discussed his vision for maximizing the benefits of broadband. Chairman Wheeler’s remarks outlined the ways technology is changing network economics and highlight a series of policies aimed at driving fast, universal, and open broadband in this new environment. Darrell West, Brookings vice president and founding director of the Center for Technology Innovation, introduced the forum. Blair Levin, nonresident fellow with the Metropolitan Policy Program, moderated a discussion with Chairman Wheeler following his remarks.

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