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International Volunteering and Service

On June 23, Global Economy and Development at Brookings and Washington University’s Center for Social Development hosted a forum to examine how international volunteering and service serve as critical tools for meeting global challenges.

The forum framed international service as an integral component of “smart power” diplomacy and as a cost effective way to build cross-cultural bridges. Ambassador Elizabeth Frawley Bagley, special representative for global partnerships at the U.S. Department of State, delivered a keynote address on how the United States can better promote international service and its impact on American diplomacy, national security and global economies.

The research panel released new data on the impact of international service on volunteers, host communities and host country perceptions of volunteers from the United States. Policymakers and sector leaders discussed options for enhancing international service, and provided recommendations for bringing global service to the forefront of American foreign policy initiatives.

View the keynote speech by Ambassador Bagley »


Welcoming Remarks and Moderator

Opening Remarks

Keynote Speaker

Panel One: Research Findings on the Impacts of International Volunteer Service


Janet Kerley

Chief, Research, Evaluation, and Measurement; Peace Corps

Panel Two: Policy Plenary on “Service World”

Closing Remarks


Harris Wofford

Former CEO, Corporation for National and Community Service

More Information

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