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Past Event

International Organizations and Taiwan

Past Event

International Organizations and Taiwan

In recent years, Taiwan has expressed a strong desire to increase its international participation and to make active contributions to key international organizations. In a December 2010 address, President Ma Ying-jeou reiterated this desire and described Taiwan’s international participation as being “essential to the well-being of Taiwan’s people.”

On March 14, the Center for Northeast Asian Policy Studies at Brookings (CNAPS) hosted a discussion on the status of and prospects for Taiwan’s increased international participation. Panelists addressed the current status of Taiwan’s participation in international organizations, the impact that increased participation may have, the tacit diplomatic truce across the Taiwan Strait and its impact on Taiwan’s participation in international organizations.

Senior Fellow and CNAPS Director Richard Bush provided introductory remarks and moderated the discussion. After the program, panelists took audience questions.


Introduction and Moderator


Jacques deLisle

Director, Asia Program - Foreign Policy Research Institute

Stephen A. Cozen Professor of Law & Professor of Political Science; Director, Center for East Asian Studies - University of Pennsylvania

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