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Past Event

India’s role in the international order

Past Event

Russia’s war in Ukraine, China’s persistent challenge to freedom of navigation, fresh debates around de-dollarization, and sustained disagreement between top economies within the World Trade Organization all highlight the urgent need to develop effective strategies for the defense or adaptation of the multilateral order. Of particular interest is the role played by non-western middle powers. In this debate, India is a critical actor whose economic and security choices in the coming period will reshape the options for globalization and for balancing China’s rise.  

On May 26, Brookings hosted a public event on India’s role in the international order. This online session brought together experts to discuss the strategies that India is using to revise, retool, or defend key features of the established order amidst deepening geopolitical tension. 

Viewers submitted questions via e-mail to and via Twitter at #IndiaOrder 


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