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Past Event

Indian Prime Minister Modi visits the U.S. and Israel

Past Event

Panel 1: U.S-India relations

Three years into his term, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will visit two countries with which India has close partnerships. He will return to Washington on June 25-26, this time for his inaugural meeting with President Trump. Following that, he will travel to Israel on July 5-6 for the first-ever visit by an Indian premier. For Israel, the growing relationship with India is part of a wide-ranging effort to deepen its relationship with major Asian powers including India, China, and Japan.

On June 21, The India Project and the Center for Middle East Policy at Brookings hosted an event, with one panel each focused on India’s relationship with the United States and Israel. Panelists discussed the state of and imperatives for these partnerships, expectations from the Indian prime minister’s visits, as well as prospects for bilateral, trilateral, and international cooperation.


Panel 1

U.S.-India relations

Panel 2

India-Israel relations

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