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Greece’s Economic Performance and Prospects

Greece’s Economic Performance and Prospects is the product of a collaborative project sponsored by the Bank of Greece and the Brookings Institution. The chapters in the book look back at the performance of the Greek economy over the past quarter-century and look ahead to the economic challenges and policy options facing Greece after its January 2001 entry into the European monetary union. The book will facilitate an understanding of the Greek economy, stimulate a constructive debate within Greece, and be useful to observers in other countries whose economic situations and problems are similar to those of Greece. Greece’s efforts to attain economic convergence with the rest of the Euro area, for example, are of considerable interest to countries in Central and Eastern Europe which have applied, or intend to apply, for accession to the European Union.

The analyses in Greece’s Economic Performance and Prospects combine the expertise of Greek and non-Greek economists. The book follows the tradition of previous Brookings volumes (for example, on Sweden, Chile, Australia, Japan, and Britain) in which teams of local and outside economists have collaborated to assess key features and problems of particular economies.


Greece's Economic Performance and Prospects

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