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Early Child Development for the Developing World

On December 4, 2008 the Wolfensohn Center for Development and the Committee for Economic Development held a conference in Washington, D.C. to promote private sector support for global Early Child Development (ECD).

This was the second conference in a series of international events in support of ECD in the developing world. Building on the momentum from the first ECD conference targeting European business leaders in The Hague, The Netherlands earlier this year, this event focused on fostering support from North American business leaders for ECD in the developing world.

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Business panel at the conference Joan Lombardi at the conference


Early Child Development for the Developing World

On December 4, 2008, the Wolfensohn Center for Development, in cooperation with the Committee for Economic Development, held a conference to raise awareness of early child development in the developing world and to foster support from the North American business community. Business leaders, international early child development experts, and public policy stakeholders developed strategies to increase private sector support for early child developing in developing countries.

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