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Past Event

Digital asset regulation: The state perspective

Effective regulatory design and implementation for virtual currency

Past Event

Cryptocurrency and other digital assets have exploded in valuation, media attention, and interest from investors, financial technology companies, and regulators. These assets have experienced sharp increases and decreases in value, and several have imploded into bankruptcy with severe consequences for investors. Digital assets and cryptocurrency challenge existing legal and regulatory definitions and frameworks, often straddling lines in ways 20th century law never contemplated. Regulators at both the federal and state levels have been working to try to protect consumers and investors, safeguard the financial system, and allow for innovation and competition.

On Tuesday, November 15, the Center on Regulation and Markets convened the third event of our series on regulating digital assets. Keynoting was the New York Department of Financial Services Superintendent Adrienne A. Harris, who discussed her perspective as a state regulator dealing with digital assets and cryptocurrency. The event also featured two panels of experts, one focused on issues of prudential regulation, supervision, safety, and soundness, and a second focused on issues of consumer and investor protection.

Viewers can follow along with the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #FutureCryptoReg and submit questions using that hashtag or via email to

Watch the first event of this series here: Digital asset regulation: The federal market regulator perspective.

Watch the second event of this series here: Digital asset regulation: The prudential perspective.



Safety and soundness regulation in virtual currency


Pete Marton

Virtual Currency Chief - New York State Department of Financial Services

Keynote and Q&A

Consumer Protection in Virtual Currency

Andrea Donkor

SVP, Global Regulatory Relations and Consumer Practices, Chief Compliance Officer - PayPal


Kaitlin Asrow

Executive Deputy Superintendent of Research and Innovation - New York State Department of Financial Services

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