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Past Event

Democratic Consolidation in the Republic of Korea: Progress and Challenges

On February 2, the Center for Northeast Asian Policy Studies at Brookings, the Asian Studies Center at the Heritage Foundation and the Seoul National University’s Institute for Korean Political Studies and the Political Science BK21 Project hosted a symposium to examine the progress South Korea has made over the last 20 years in building its democratic institutions, and in areas in which the system can be improved to better reflect the will of the voters.

A distinguished panel of Korean and American experts analyzed how popular will is conveyed to the political system; how the political system operates and uses these inputs; how the political system interacts with Korea’s economy; and how the political system affects its foreign relations.


8:45 AM -- Welcome


Jung Bock Lee

Professor of Political Science, Seoul National University

9:15 AM -- Panel 1: How Popular Will is Conveyed to the Political System


L. Gordon Flake

Executive Director, The Maureen and Mike Mansfield Foundation


Sang-shin Lee

Research Fellow, Institute of Peace and Unification Studies, Seoul National University

Scott Snyder

Senior Fellow for Korea Studies, Director of the Program on U.S.-Korea Policy - Council on Foreign Relations

10:45 AM -- Panel 2: How the Political System Operates


Jong O. Ra

Professor of Political Science, Hollins University


Won-Taek Kang

Associate Professor of Political Science, Soongsil University


Chan-Wook Park

Professor of Political Science; Director, Political Science BK21 Project, Seoul National University


Jeong-Ho Roh

Director, Center of Korean Legal Studies, Columbia University

12:30 PM -- Lunch

1:45 PM -- Panel 3: How Democracy Affects the Economy


Haeran Lim

Associate Professor of Political Science, Seoul National University

3:30 PM -- Panel 4: How Democracy Affects Foreign Relations


Taehyun Kim

Professor of International Relations, Chungang University

Kongdan Oh

Former Brookings Expert

Asian Specialist - Institute for Defense Analysis

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